80+ New Social Media Marketing Statistics for B2B Marketers

Posted by | 23 May 2019

Social media marketing’s near-universal popularity and the break-neck speed at which it changes sometimes makes it difficult to

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How to Intertwine Online & Offline Tactics to Cultivate B2B Influencer Relationships

Posted by | 22 May 2019

Effective B2B influencer marketing is rooted in brands developing and nurturing relationships—relationships with individuals who have the relevant

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The Community Imperative: Engaging in Conversations Rather Than Disseminating Information

Posted by | 21 May 2019

What does effective marketing engagement look like? In the common model we see today, it’s something like this:

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7 Top B2B Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020

Posted by | 20 May 2019

While there are some who think the expression “influencer” is an expired term, the role of influence on

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Digital Marketing News: Google Ad Auction Changes, Instagram’s Chronological Likes, & 3 New Marketing Studies

Posted by | 17 May 2019

Google shares details on how first price auctions in Google Ad Manager will workDisplay and video ads sold

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Content Curation Inspiration: Types, Examples, & Use Cases for B2B Marketers

Posted by | 16 May 2019

If you create and share content, curation is part of your B2B marketing strategy. From seasoning a blog

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Do Your Homework: Selecting the Right Influencers for Your B2B Brand With Tips from the Experts

Posted by | 15 May 2019

The influencer identification, validation, and recruitment process is time consuming, resource intensive, and high stakes. Without the right

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Trust Factors: The (In)Credible Impact of B2B Influencer Marketing

Posted by | 14 May 2019

Trust is a currency. It’s arguably the most valuable currency in today’s B2B marketing environment. And much like

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B2B Social Media Shakeup: 4 Developments That Have Caught Our Eye

Posted by | 13 May 2019

Following scandal, criticism, and calls for more privacy and relevancy, social media giants are working hard to recapture

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Digital Marketing News: Content Pet Peeves, Facebook’s New Look, Personalization With AI & More

Posted by | 10 May 2019

What’s Most Annoying About Brand Content? Consumers Weigh In Adobe’s* 2019 Brand Content Survey asked 1,000 consumers what

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