How Marketers Can Improve the Customer Experience (And Why They Should Want To)

Posted by | 23 January 2019

Recent research from Gartner shows that 89% of companies compete primarily on customer experience. The way your brand

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5 Marvelous B2B Content Marketing Lessons From Mrs. Maisel

Posted by | 22 January 2019

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Season 1 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” If you haven’t seen Season

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Top Marketing Resources for CMOs in 2019

Posted by | 21 January 2019

A seat at the executive table for marketers in the form of the CMO role has not come

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Digital Marketing News: YouTube’s Bubble-Under Suggestions, New B2B Studies, & Making Marketing More Human

Posted by | 18 January 2019

Best B2B Content: Analysis and Insights from Over 50,000 ArticlesB2B content marketing produced some shining examples and strong

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How A Best Answer Content Strategy Drives B2B Marketing Results

Posted by | 17 January 2019

For many B2B marketers content is a numbers game, especially as the number of channels for discovery and

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The Next Level of Influence: 30 Essential Influencer Marketing Statistics

Posted by | 16 January 2019

Pop Quiz: When influencer marketing is done right, who wins? a) Your brandb) The influencersc) Your audienced) All

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How to Choose a B2B Marketing Agency that Can Evolve with Your Needs

Posted by | 15 January 2019

B2B brands’ marketing departments are constantly evolving. Over the past 10 years, marketing teams have undergone a seismic

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Two Key Marketing Opportunities Amid Stories of Fake Traffic and Fraudulent Metrics

Posted by | 14 January 2019

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s

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Digital Marketing News: Facebook Usage Data, Google Teams With Nielsen, AI Is Eating Advertising, & B2B Podcasting Growth

Posted by | 11 January 2019

Inside Google Marketing: 4 ways we’re planning for an automated futureGoogle plans to seek out better data for

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Rock Your Content Marketing With The Collective Wisdom Codex

Posted by | 10 January 2019

Our popular Collective Wisdom series has explored the entire B2B content marketing life-cycle. The eight-part series featured information-packed

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