Digital Marketing News: Preferred Platform Study, B2B Influencers & Blockchain For Marketers, & Travelers Turn To Instagram

Posted by | 25 May 2018

Social Media Marketing Update: Preferred Platforms and Content Types in 2018A multitude of the latest trends in social

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Building Better Influencer Relationships: 7 Cues Marketers Can Take from Sales

Posted by | 23 May 2018

Influencer marketing is booming with B2B and B2C brands big and small dipping their toes in the water.

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From Messenger Bots to the Growth of ‘Gram, Social Media Examiner’s Annual Report Reveals Trends to Watch

Posted by | 21 May 2018

Engagement is down. Trust is dwindling. And the most popular social media marketing platform is now riddled with

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Digital Marketing News: Millennial Pops’ Pinterest Passion, Facebook’s Housecleaning, Closing Klout, & Google’s Latest

Posted by | 18 May 2018

Facebook has disabled almost 1.3 billion fake accounts over the past six monthsFacebook has stopped nearly 1.3 billion

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A Tasty, Strategic Addition to the Content Marketing Table: ‘Repurposed Content Cobbler’

Posted by | 16 May 2018

If you didn’t know, tomorrow, May 17, is home to a very special holiday: National Cherry Cobbler Day.

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Calling All Content Marketers: Sound Off in Our Content Marketing Planning Survey!

Posted by | 14 May 2018

We’re all in this together. Granted, it might not always feel that way. The current environment we operate

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Digital Marketing News: Facebook Teases Ad-Free Subscriptions, Google Tests SERP Questions, & Online Ad Spend Jumps

Posted by | 11 May 2018

Facebook Weighs Ad-Free Subscription OptionFacebook is considering an ad-free paid subscription option for users, and has recently conducted

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5 Reasons Why B2B Content Marketing Works & 5 Reasons It Doesn’t

Posted by | 09 May 2018

It’s no secret that content marketing is a widely adopted tactic. In fact, over 90% of B2B Marketers

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32 B2B Content Marketing Case Studies for 2018

Posted by | 07 May 2018

One of the great honors of working in the marketing agency world is seeing your work recognized. For

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Digital Marketing News: Video Ad Spend Up, Snap’s Unskippable Ads, & Instagram’s Latest

Posted by | 04 May 2018

Digital video ad spend keeps rising, with social media (i.e., Facebook) set to see most growthSocial media and

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